World Congress of Epidemiology & Public Health, Epidemiology Congress 2018
October 29th– 31st, 2018 Dubai, UAE
Theme: A Forum for Perspectives & Innovations in EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PUBLIC HEALTH

World Congress of Epidemiology & Public Health, Epidemiology Congress 2018″ will be organized around the theme “A Forum for Perspectives & Innovations in EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PUBLIC HEALTH.”


The International Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health is the premier interdisciplinary platform for presenting new advances and research results in concerned fields.


This year’s theme “A Forum for Perspectives & Innovations in EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PUBLIC HEALTH.” Epidemiology (which we define broadly – to include clinical research and various approaches to study the health of populations) is a critically important field in informing decisions about the health of individuals and populations. But, the desire for new information means that the health science literature is overwhelmingly devoted on reporting new findings leaving out some key opportunities to improve the quality of the science. This platform is designed to encourage authors to share more details on the ignored aspects of the fields. Specially to analyze policy implications of present health research methods, to better communicate the potential of  existing methods, and to provide other innovations and perspectives on the fields.


It takes immense pleasure to extend our warm welcome to you all to  Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health which will be happening in Canada from October 29th– 31st , 2018. The conference planning committee welcomes your abstracts for oral, papers, panel presentations, and scientific posters. This conference presents principal investigators, researchers, and faculty to share, learn and explore innovations in research methods, the cutting-edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussion lists that address current issues in Epidemiology.



Specifically, this three-day event provides an excellent opportunity for the Epidemiology practitioners, faculty and other llied Health Science professional to actively participate in communicating current breakthroughs in epidemiology, activities that are taking place, long-standing exchange of ideas and best practices concerning to education, practice, research, and informatics.


We strongly encourage you and your associates to submit abstract and showcase your innovative work supported by evidence in Epidemiology and Public Health.

  • Research Reports: Presentations of original scientific data collected by the authors.
  • Special Interest Reports: Presentations of new or unique services, programs, theories or innovations, as well as the organisation, regulation and management of services, education, research development and service delivery
Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Epidemiology
Biological Agents Registry
Blue-green algae
Carbon monoxide
CCA-treated wood
Chemical exposure
Communicable diseases
Fish, contaminants in
Fish consumption advisories
Floods – Health, Safety, Cleanup
Food-borne illnesses
HAIs (healthcare-associated infections)
Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES)
Hazardous waste site evaluation
Health Assessment and Consultation
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
Health Hazards Control
Hurricanes: Health & Safety
Infection Control Measures, General
Occupational contaminants
Occupational disease and injury reporting
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology
Occupational Health Nursing Consultation
Occupational surveillance
Oral Rabies Vaccination Program
Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Potassium Iodide Program
Pressure-treated wood
Public health assessment
Public Health Preparedness and Response
Recreational water illnesses
Respiratory Health and TDI Study
Toluene Diisocyanate
Tick-borne illnesses
Vaccine-preventable diseases
Veterinary Public Health